the narrowest little skyscraper in the West


"611 Wilshire Blvd today"


The building at 611 Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles was architecturally designed by Welton Becket. He was a well-known Seattle born architect involved with numerous iconic structures, many of them in the Los Angeles area. Becket’s designs include the Music Center Plaza along with its three adorning theaters, the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, the Ahmanson Theater, and the Mark Taper Forum. He also designed the Capital Records building in Hollywood, the first circular office building in the world. The Beverly Hilton was also among his many buildings.

The 611 Wilshire Blvd building wasa narrow 10 story building erected in the mid 1950’s. Its unique design earned it the distinction of being the “narrowest little skyscraper in the West”. It was designed as the world headquarters for Standard Federal Savings, a bank that was coined as the “Largest Savings Association West of the Mississippi”. The bank was operating from this one central location. Within a few years a second 13 story tower was added to the north side of the 10-story building and connected to the original structure.

The building has since evolved from the home of a large bank to a family-owned property supporting various businesses, most of them small enterprises. We pride ourselves in providing a warm and welcoming environment for our tenants. Many of them have offered to provide assistance and/or discounted products &services to one-another and the incoming tenants joining our family.

"Welton Becket (on left), 1954"

"Welton Becket's design of the original
building along with its expanded tower"